Another running event in Haarlem: GrachtenLoop

Do you remember the Urban Trail of last year in Haarlem? This time I will tell you about another running event which is organised each year in Haarlem – GrachtenLoop or “Running along the canals”. This year the 25th edition takes place and there’s no reason you shouldn’t join, even if you are on a holiday or even if you don’t want to run.

What makes this event so special?

There are 3 running categories: 1 km run for kids, 5 km (max finish time 45 minutes) and 10 km (max finish time 80 minutes, twice the 5km route).

The route is around the old city centre of Haarlem, along the canals and at almost each bridge a band will maintain the atmosphere. Along the streets people will watch and cheer the runners, the bars will have water and beer outside to hand it to the participants and in general there’s a nice atmosphere created around the event.

Interested in joining? Check the official website here (use Google Translate to ease the pain of enrolling 🙂 ). Or just come over in Haarlem on 5th of July to support the runners and enjoy the great atmosphere.

*The images are taken from the official website.

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