Day trip in North Holland, a steam train adventure

This day trip in North Holland can be busy, but it will create memories you will never forget. In the end how many day trips are there to travel with a steam train, a boat and finish your day in the Dutch open air museum from Enkhuizen?

The steam train leaves from Hoorn or from Enkhuizen, cities easily accessible by train (check this article on how to travel in The Netherlands).  In Hoorn the departure platform is just behind the main station. The trip takes around 1 hour and a half to reach Medemblik, passing through peer meadows. Take water with you and sun screen, as it will get quite hot inside, especially on a sunny day. Don’t imagine that the trip will be boring! On the train you will be entertained by the Dutch spirit – a nice and old man will explain you the special outfit he is wearing and will show you beautiful old Dutch things. Along the ride his wife will join him, wearing a elegant former Dutch dress.

In Medemblik you will have around 1 hour and a half to explore the small city. You can enjoy lunch at one of the cafes near the train station or you can wander around to discover the Radboud Castle, dating since 1288. The walk at the castle is relaxing, through a green park, opening the way to the well maintained castle.

From Medemblik a ferry awaits his travelers to bring them to the beautiful city of Enkhuizen. The trip takes another 1 hour and a half, sailing on Ijsselmeer, along the cost of North Holland. Fascinating for you can be the fact that the sea is artificially created by the placement of the impressive dike in the North (Afsluitdijk). The arrival station is exactly at the Zuiderzee Museum, the open air museum composed of small buildings from all the provinces of The Netherlands. Being located at sea, you will discover a thematic of the fishing towns and many items from Urk. The visit is a must as you will learn about different industries the country developed by years.

You can buy the tickets online or you can go directly there, just check in advance if there are still enough places – here. More information about the trip and the schedule you can find on the official website, available in English too. The entire trip (steam train + boat + Zuiderzeemuseum) can be covered by a MuseumKaart. Enjoy your trip!

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