Day trip to Schiedam

Schiedam is one of the cities you will not see in books or articles about traveling in The Netherlands. Small and hidden in the surrounding area of Rotterdam, is a destination for the tourist which desires to have a relaxing day in the city defended by the tallest windmills in the world.

If Amsterdam has the nickname of A’dam, Schiedam has it’s own and it’s S’dam. Along the canals a yellow flag will remind you of the fact that you are walking on a dam. It is known the fact that as you approach the border with Belgium the architecture of the cities will resemble the Belgian ones and this is an experience you can have while visiting Schiedam.

The walking route starts from the main train station and soon you will spot “De Kameel” windmill, which will impress you by it’s height.  It will not take long to approach the north canal and your walk to be accompanied by tall windmills, located at 5-10 minutes walk from each other, now transformed in restaurants. “De Walvisch” windmill is a museum, highly recommended to visit: at the ground floor you can find different assortments of products for baking (almond flour,  full grain and others). On the second floor you can watch a short movie about the history of the city (in English too) and you will discover why the windmills are so tall. And the best part is when you exit the windmill on the highest point and you can admire the fans of the other mills surrounding the town.

Once known for the production of Dutch gin, the city has multiple warehouses along the canals. And there is no wonder that a gin museum has the doors open for visitors all year long. The Jenevermuseum is located in the city center, along the canals which are a symbol of Dutch cities. The museum is small and has on display collections of alcoholic beverages from all over the world and of bottle labels. For the collection enthusiast is a pleasant way to discover the history of design in the beverage industry. As in any museum, short movies and information panels are available for visitors, but, unfortunately, they are mostly in Dutch. This shouldn’t worry you, as there is also a presentation about how the Dutch gin is created and the museum personal will do it in English too. One experience which shouldn’t be missed is the tasting of the gin as, during the tasting, the story of how Genever gin is created will be told and it will make the tasting tastier.

After the tasting session you will be hungry for sure, but there is no place for worries: at 5 minutes walk from the museum the main square of the city center is located and you can easily find a place to eat the traditional Dutch croquette or sandwich. Don’t forget to have a stroll around the city center, maybe do some shopping, or just admire the small shop boutiques, with a merchandise different compared with the big cities. Enjoy your trip!

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