Day trip to Apenheul

One of the best zoo’s in the country, Apenheul is a perfect location for the monkey and apes enthusiast.  The first zoo in the world in which the animals roam free, Apenheul it is also successful by the fact that the animals breed and this brings a different perspective from the normal zoo setup. Having this in mind is a recommended location for families with kids, nature photographers and nature lovers.

Apenheul is located in the center of The Netherlands, in the region Gelderland, in Apeldoorn town. Trains run each half an hour from and towards Amsterdam and the city is reached in around 1 hour. From the main station there are 2 bus lines which will bring you close to the park. You can check this article about traveling in The Netherlands by public transport.

The zoo is surrounded by a public park, with a lake and easy trails to wander around. But, as you approach the main entrance, the voices of happy kids will make you feel impatience. As you enter the zoo you will receive a bag to put your personal items, in order to keep the curious monkeys away from your stuff. Don’t forget to take one as the small monkeys will not refrain from checking your pockets. Also don’t try to feed the monkey, you can end up with a nasty bite!

The first area is, I consider, intentionally frequented by Bolivian monkeys, which are highly accommodated with the human presence  and they will roam freely around you, on the path and jumping above your head on the special ropes which connect the trees. This is a kind of an introduction session, to make you feel comfortable with the type of the park you are visiting. The lemurs will also accompany you around the park, they are highly social and not intimidated by humans. There are multiple species of lemurs living in the park and the easiest way to observe them all is by taking part at the feeding presentation. It will give you a lot of funny and interesting moments!

Another spectacle to attend is the gorilla feeding session. This time you will not be close by the gorillas, a small lake will be between you, but you can still admire the posture and how the group is organized. For sure there will a comedian in the group, taking care of your humor. And maybe an intruder will be there too!

Unfortunately, not all of the species are allowed to roam free. Even if they benefit from a large area, compared with traditional zoos, the apes have the saddest look in the entire park.

Baboons, Tamarin monkeys, chimpanzee and other species are ready to welcome you in this miraculous place. Don’t forget to take your camera with you, a notebook and a pen! The park is full with information and different photo boots are located to take a picture as memory. Planning to visit? Check the official website for more information. Enjoy your trip!

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