Flower season in North Holland

And here it is! Spring came all of a sudden in the beautiful country of The Netherlands and April is the best month to experience the flower fields and parks, especially in North Holland. A few things to do in case you are visiting the country in the weekend of 21-22 of April (2018).

Keukenhof – world known flower park, located in Lisse, accessible by public transport, it is a must while visiting The Netherlands in April-May. The last 2 weeks of April are the perfect ones to visit the park as the flowers are in full bloom and multiple species can be admired. Keep in mind that on 21st the Flower Parade will take place and between 13:00 and 17:30 no public transport will be available in the area. But, just to avoid disappointment, don’t expect an empty and tranquil park: it will be crowded as many tourists are visiting the unique gardens and you will be in the waiting line in order to admire different flowers. Even so, Keukenhof is a place you shouldn’t miss – check the photos below or the website of the park for more information!

Flower parade – the 71st edition of the parade has Culture as the theme in 2018. The parade will start in Noordwijk and, after a 40 km march of impressive allegorical cars, it will end in Haarlem. On 22nd the flower arrangements will be still in the city center displayed in such a way that many tourists can visit the work at their own pace. The schedule of the route can be found here.

April Fair in Haarlem – it happens only twice a year to have a fair right in the city center, in Grote Markt! From a immense Ferris Wheel you can admire the beautiful city from above. Or why not to feel like a kid again and play some games? It is the best event to have contact with the Dutch culture, a fun and full with laughter experience.

Visit the tulip fields – even if The Netherlands is not the origin land of the tulip, we all know that they are the biggest exporter of these amazing flowers. Visiting the colorful fields is one of the best activities one can do in spring. Rent a bike or just walk – the tulip fields are hidden in small villages between Haarlem and Leiden. A map and other information can be checked here.

2 days, 4 events, amazing weather, what will you choose? In case you decide to visit Haarlem, don’t forget to check this for other tips about the city. Enjoy your trip!

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