De Haar Castle

Only 30 minutes from the main train station, De Haar Castle can be one of the touristic objectives while visiting Utrecht. Bus number 9, running twice/hour, will take you directly from the train station and will leave you close to the castle.

The castle was initially build around XIV century, but after it was burned down in the XV century, it was rebuilt entirely in XVI century and in 1890 renovated as it looks today. The renovation was done by Pierre Cuypers – the architect of the Central Station in Amsterdam and Rijksmuseum. The castle has 200 rooms, but not all of them are open to the public. The tour takes around 30 minutes, starting with the main hall and ending with the kitchen. The main hall was used to receive the guests and it offers a impressive view over the wooden ceiling. The rooms are decorated with diverse art work, wooden or Rothschild decorative fabric.

As any other castle, De Haar Castle is surrounded by a beautiful park. Even if it is winter, the park is a good location for some fresh air. With multiple statues and benches, with paths covered by rusty leafs, the park assembles a small forest. Many species of birds live in the area and it is a peaceful place to rest. In the heart of the park a stable resides, where you can admire multiple deer species.

Taking into account that the tour can take around 2 hours, it is better to visit the castle while visiting Utrecht city. The ticket is around 16e, but you can enter free of charge with a museum card. You can buy the card from major museums in the country and it will cover the entrance for more than 400 museums in the country.

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