Day trip to Nijmegen

Recognized as the oldest city in The Netherlands, Nijmegen is one interesting town to visit while in the country. The city is having a history of more than 2000 years and this can be easily seen in the architecture and the top attractions. But more than concrete and bricks, the city has an extensive trail routes along Rhine river.

Interested in how to get there? It is quite easy to reach Nijmegen by train, there are several trains per hour from Amsterdam Central station (a journey of about 1h30mins), but the city is easily accessed from other cities too. You can check or this article about how to arrange your trip in The Netherlands.

If you are visiting the city on a Saturday, than you should consider Grote Markt as first stop. The square is transformed overnight into a pleasant noisy market: small stalls and diversity in fast food, fruits and vegetables. You should revisit the square at the end of the day, just to see how everything disappeared in a bit and how the terraces are getting crowded for dinner or just a drink.

Close to Grote Markt the impressive Stevenskerk resides. With its big courtyard, surrounded by brick houses and small hidden cafes, the entire location is like an escape from the city rush. Walking along the church, in a quiet afternoon, will make you feel like in the old, medieval movie.

Getting lost on the streets it’s not hard: the small, paved walking paths will guide you around the center of the oldest city. You  will reach in a bit the Valkhof park, having in the top of the hill the 1000 years old St. Nicholas Chapel and Barbarossa ruins. While in the area, a visit at Museum het Valkhof can be another pleasant way to spend your time. The museum is a nice combination between archeology and art, presenting interesting discoveries in the area.

From Valkhof park the next stop is the Rhine river and the Waalbrug. Coming from Germany, the river will change his name into Waal in The Netherlands. Under the bridge events are organized and you will find a hippie crowd. Or a boat which is serving pancakes while taking you on a cruise on the river. From this point you will enter in a sort of national park, home of wild horses and bison. If you are a nature enthusiast is a must while visiting the city.

And this is how a day will pass by in the oldest city in The Netherlands. But the day trip can easily be transformed in an overnight stay, as Nijmegen is a university city so it hosts many events and concerts. Or you could transform your trip into a walking one, as you can get to small villages just by following the trail in the national park.

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