Giethoorn, the touristic North (Venice)

You probably heard of it. Giethoorn – the famous Venice of the North, the small town without any streets for cars. A world known place, usually full with tourists, especially in the weekends or summer time. Taking this into account, consider visiting it during the week or in the evening.

Getting to Giethoorn by public transport can be considered by some hard. But, in fact, you need to reach either Zwolle or Meppel, from where you will have bus. The entire trip (from Amsterdam) takes around 2 hours. In the end it is a must while in The Netherlands for the impressive houses and canals. There shouldn’t be any wonder in seeing so many houses for sale as, I guess, the locals cannot breath anymore due to the crowds in their town.

There are two ways to visit the city and, since you already did some effort to get here, you should use both of them. First is, of course, by boat: you can rent a boat or you can get a ticket for a boat trip. Getting a boat is better than going for a boat trip as you move in your own pace and style. The other one is by walking which I highly recommend. The village will have another charm from the small pathways along the canals.

Visiting Giethoorn during sunset can be an option to avoid the crowds and to enjoy more the place. Being on tiny canals with the red of the sun reflecting in the water, with colorful ray of lights behind the gorgeous houses… what else would you like from a small village? Oh, and the flowers at each corner! Simply amazing!

Yes, it is a touristic place. But this doesn’t mean that you should not visit it. And if you don’t like long trips in one day than you can sleep over in the region and visit Urk as well. They make a perfect combination for a longer trip.

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