Another medieval town: Den Bosch

In the curious province of North Brabant,  Den Bosch or, on its formal name, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, is one beautiful town to visit during a day trip. You will be impressed by the small streets and canals in a town older than one millennium.

Home of one of the most important painters of medieval times, the city has many attractions for any art enthusiast. Starting with the North Brabant museum and ending with paintings on buildings, there are many opportunities to find out new things about the town you are visiting. If you are visiting the city during summer time it is mandatory to take a boat trip. If you are, instead, visiting it during winter you will enjoy the Christmas lights which will be installed with almost 2 months in advance.

No matter the season, the city center of Den Bosch has multiple restaurants and bars. The most crowded street is Korte Putstraat, having on each side only restaurants. One of them is Roels, decorated in an old fashion way, but with great food and service. When it comes to traditional food you will want to taste the famous desert known around the country: a huge profiterole covered with chocolate called “bossche bollen”.

The name of the city means “forest” so there will be no wonder to discover the multiple parks outside the center. Close to the small South park (Zuiderpark) an entire field of grass over dunes will capture your eyes. The best part of the open field is that the sunset will be clear visible on a sunny day.

Den Bosch is a great place for a day trip, but also for a few days, depending on the rhythm of your travel. It could also be a good location to start roaming around North Brabant province. If you are interested in visiting it don’t forget to check this article about how to travel in The Netherlands. Wish you a pleasant journey!

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