Limburg: weekend at Rolduc monastery

In  Limburg province, a few steps from Germany, Rolduc monastery is open for visitors and guests. A 900 years monastery transformed in a hotel and conference location, can you imagine that?

A must while traveling in The Netherlands, Limburg is one fascinating province, having hills and caves, with the historical city of Maastricht as capital. It is for sure one of the most beautiful areas in the country, especially for the nature lovers. Rolduc monastery is not an exception from this description. Impressive architecture, large halls and surprisingly comfortable rooms (even the economy ones), these are only a few characteristics. A green oasis is surrounding the monumental buildings and, just a step further, Germany with a slightly different architecture. You can do many activities in the area, from visiting other towns to walking in the woods or visiting Gaia Zoo. Or maybe even visit Germany. The monastery’s website has some ideas for you here.  Or if you are passionate about fishing, the lake in the park is a good location to practice.

The monastery itself has a restaurant so there are no worries regarding food. Also they produce their own beer and wine, having a small winery in the garden. On Sundays a tour is organized to visit the hidden rooms of the abbey and, from my perspective, the library is the most beautiful one. Designed in Rococo style, it is a pure delight to be in the room. Unfortunately, the tour is in Dutch, but the sweet lady will explain some things in English too.

Quite far from a noisy urban life, the monastery is a great place to find some peace and spend a few days. Even if the road is long from the North of the country, it is a trip deserves taking. If you are interested in how to get there by public transport check this article. Enjoy!

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