From island to mainland: Urk

With a history of less than 100 years old, Flevoland is the newest province of The Netherlands. And the most mysterious place I’ve found there is Urk. An island attached to the mainland in 1939, Urk is still a traditional village. Maybe one of the few left in the country. I have discovered the place by mistake and I recommend you to visit it in any other day except Sunday. Most of the restaurants are closed on Sundays and there is no public transport in the area. So why do I like Urk so much?

Imagine yourself on the shore of the sea. The sun is making each wave sparkle and you see the fishing boats at horizon.  Everything is so peaceful around you as you don’t want to leave. Birds on the water, the happy sound of kid’s laughter, the tumultuous life transformed in serenity. This is my memory of Urk especially due to the fact that it is a peaceful town. It is not meant for party people, but for people in search of history and stories.

The island has, still, the main finance from fishing. The harbor is filled with fishing boats, having the UK sign in order to be recognized. The men on the island wear earrings with different family patterns. Long time ago there was no way to identify the dead man brought to shore. The earring was the only one who could give a little bit of light in this matter. In the town there is a memorial for the people died on the sea, with a woman looking after her lost fisherman.  If you are interested in stories about the island a visit to the museum is highly recommended. The people are nice and you will have some English guidance too.

As you can expect, fish lovers will be delighted by the food in the village. We had the best deep fried fish there, in a small place, right close to the harbor. If you are searching for a cheap eat with divine fish you should give it a try. It is called Urkevishal and can be checked here.

What do you think? Planning to visit Urk? Don’t forget to check this article about how to travel in The Netherlands.

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