Rotterdam’s cubic houses

Rotterdam was destroyed during WW2 and it was rebuilt keeping in some parts the common Dutch architecture, but the main landscape consists of sky scrapers and modern buildings.  It’s not a surprise to say that the cubic houses from Blaak area represent a top attraction for tourists of all kinds. The passage called OverBlaak gives an impressive view of the houses. The form of the houses arouses a lot of curiosity and the head is starting spinning a little bit due to the 45 degree angles.

One of the houses is opened for visits for an cost of 3e (price 2017). It will be a little bit crowded as the house is not spacious, but it is quite interesting to convince yourself that the floor is flat. The second and last floor is like a sauna in the summer, but you can see the peaks of the other houses, resembling mountains.

The houses were designed by architect Piet Blom and are considered a solution in optimizing the space as it is enlarging the common public space. A nice article about them you can find here.


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