M. C. Escher museum in The Hague

M. C. Escher was born in Leeuwarden , studied in Arnhem, Delft and Haarlem, but he didn’t had great results in school. He was also a sickly kid and he wasn’t attracted by the topics learned in school. By time he developed an attraction towards mathematics and this is reflected in many of his drawings. He also pursued the concepts of eternity, infinity, reflection.

The Escher museum in The Hague is close to the central station, located in the previous house of Queen Emma. The house itself is spectacular, with impressive chandeliers.

Escher’s art is the most exciting part of the museum. Outside the prints, in the museum are displayed photographs taken by Escher during his trips in Italy and Spain. Trying to understand how he created the prints with wood cut or lithography, seeing the fine lines, how the forms come together it is mind blowing.

If you are attracted by graphics it is an amazing place to be. There are many interactive optical illusion games at the end of the tour which will make the museum even pleasant.  Coming earlier than 15:00 it could be a good idea, as the museum closes at 17:00. Enjoy!

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