12 provinces under the level of sea

There is no wonder to find out that in The Netherlands are more than one province, as the country name itself, in most of the languages, means “the countries under the sea level”.  Known in the world for the fights against water, the country still continues to amaze with the infrastructure and the architectural design.

Bordered with Belgium and Germany, sharing common words and even more in the language, the country is composed by the 12 provinces, a fact that it is observed also while traveling in the areas and not only on a geographic map. Even more, there is a difference of language and traditions, as in the South you can feel Christian influence or in the North-East you can hear a different language. But if there is something common around the country this would be riding a bicycle, as the roads and cities are fully equipped in making the transport with a bicycle pretty easy.

While Amsterdam is the capital of the country, The Hague plays an important role as being the city which holds the government and related political entities. More than this, each province has their own capital and, ironically, North-Holland – the province in which Amsterdam is situated – has Haarlem as capital. Having this in mind we can imagine the diversity in history, art, nature and science each province has to offer.

Copyright @ Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provinces_of_the_Netherlands

This blog has the intent of  informing both tourists and residents of the country regarding travel possibilities and attractions around the 12 provinces which offer, even under the level of sea, impressive architecture.

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