How to travel in The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a great public transportation infrastructure and this can be easy observed and sensed while traveling in the country. But, even if in the country 90% of the people speak incredible English, not all the public transport websites are in English and this can be sometimes a burden on ones traveler’s shoulders.  On the other hand, there are multiple websites to check schedules … Continue reading How to travel in The Netherlands

Day trip in North Holland, a steam train adventure

This day trip in North Holland can be busy, but it will create memories you will never forget. In the end how many day trips are there to travel with a steam train, a boat and finish your day in the Dutch open air museum from Enkhuizen? The steam train leaves from Hoorn or from Enkhuizen, cities easily accessible by train (check this article on … Continue reading Day trip in North Holland, a steam train adventure

Food at noon in The Netherlands

There is this preconception that there’s no Dutch cuisine and the high amount of deep-fried food seems to support this idea completely. This article is about what you find in the ordinary Dutch cafes for lunch, if you want to take a break from fast-food. Each city has the most important church located in the center, in the so called “Big Market” (Grote Markt) where … Continue reading Food at noon in The Netherlands

Almshouse route in Haarlem

If you are visiting The Netherlands during the week, the almshouse route in Haarlem is a must in the North Holland province. Old houses, hidden on narrow streets, with beautiful gardens are the home for elderly women. The official tourist office in Haarlem gives this tour the name of “Hidden green oases” and that’s no wonder why: the interior gardens of the almshouses are well … Continue reading Almshouse route in Haarlem

Carnival 2018

As in many countries with catholic print, the carnival is celebrated before the beginning of the fasting period of Easter. Mainly atheist country, The Netherlands is holding the celebrations in the South part of the country and the most known festivities are held in Maastricht. The religious mass is preparing for 6 weeks of fasting physically and psychologically and there’s a good reason to have … Continue reading Carnival 2018